Blërg Privacy Policy

Blërg Doesn't Want Much Data

Blërg collects only the data necessary to create an account (username and password), any data submitted via posting, and associations between accounts for the purpose of "subscribing" to another account. HTTP logs which contain your IP address, browser agent string, and any URLs visited as a consequence of using Blërg are kept for seven days then deleted.

Blërg Doesn't Want To Use Your Data

User data is used only for the purposes of operating the site, i.e. to show your posts to the world. We don't share your data with anyone through any other channels.

Blërg Data Policy

Blërg Doesn't Forget

There is currently no way to delete data on Blërg, so any information you post may exist on Blërg forever. Be careful what you post.

Blërg Isn't That Secure

Currently, all data transmitted to Blërg, including your username and password, are transmitted over unencrypted HTTP. It is entirely possible for someone to view data you submit while it is in transit. We recommend that you don't use the same password on Blërg as you use elsewhere (but that's just good password policy).

Passwords are hashed server-side with scrypt with N=214, r=8, p=1.